Transitioning from managing a gym with Excel spreadsheets to embracing the power of efficient software solutions was a game-changer for Patrick Claffey, Managing Director of RX Gym and CrossFit Disbarie.

As he delves into his experience, Patrick highlights the pivotal role Xplor Gym played in streamlining operations and fostering growth.

Tell us more about RX Gym.

We designed CrossFit Disbarie as a hybrid gym. So, a combination of functional fitness and the traditional gym. We wanted to offer an all-round package and overall bases and help. If they needed yoga, HIIT, strength, whatever was needed, we could, um, put a class on or give them a program to do that.

What was it like getting started with Xplor Gym?

By opening a gym.  You have to make the big decisions and having the right software in place I think is so important to help you make those decisions. So the journey, um, was collaboration in many ways and coming together and they’ve always been supportive and helped me grow

How is Xplor Gym helping you grow your business?

I love to kind of collect data and understand how many prospects we’ve got, have they been contacted, how quick did you contact them, what was said, did you make notes on it. And all that information is key to me to understanding, are we going to make a sale?

What’s one Xplor Gym feature you can’t live without?

The Report Builder. I think that’s something that definitely helps me.  Now I’ve kind of phased away more from the coaching and the one-to-one stuff. I’ve moved more into the office.  Building a report and putting my metrics into my management system helps me develop and make better decisions for the business.

How are you using Xplor Gym to create an engaging experience for your gym members?

We use the On Demand platform to create educational videos, where we can help some of our CrossFit members understand how to do some of the movements – they can watch the videos via the app. 

There’s also the programs. We have a built in program for our members and they can have access to that as soon as they join.

What are the gym software features you use for member retention?

We use the member pathways, email pathways to promote the On Demand videos, the custom journey, to encourage people to come in, try and keep them accountable. We do a regular monthly goal review with members. We offer that to them, and they book in, they sit down with us half an hour, 45 minutes, and we set some new goals.

The Pathways in the Xplor Gym app helps us do that.

What would you say to someone who’s considering Xplor Gym as their gym software provider?

Xplor Gym has everything you need to run a gym, it’s a bit of a no brainer in comparison to other softwares out there.

Article by Xplor Gym

First published: 16 February 2023

Last updated: 29 February 2024