Before Mike Lathwood became a gym owner, he worked as a personal trainer and a conditioning coach. His journey as a PT started in 2004 after completing a BSc degree in Applied Sports Science. What followed were 16 extremely successful years as a freelance PT. During this time, Mike continued learning more about his trade and completed a MSc degree in Strength & Conditioning. In the years leading up to opening his first gym, Mike worked with several professional football clubs, and a number of Olympians and Paralympians.

We spoke to Mike to ask him about his experiencing opening a gym for the first time and how Membr – now Xplor Gym – helped him create the customer journey his members need to succeed.

Tell us more about your fitness club, how did you get started with it?

I decided to open a gym in October 2020, which may have seemed like a mad decision with the world being in lockdown. But an opportunity was offered to me to set my own club up in the basement of the historic Express Building in Manchester City Centre and I knew it would be the right decision. 

One XPS Fitness is an independently owned and run fitness centre. We have been open now for about a month and have 30 members with a target of 30 per month.  My club is 2500sq feet and has its own studio and individual changing rooms. As I am part of 3 large office buildings in the centre of town my main clientele are office workers and local residents.

“Xplor Gym were always my first choice provider.”

Mike Lathwood
ONE XPS Fitness

How has Xplor Gym helped your fitness club, your team and business operations?

As I am the only employee, I needed a software which allows me to control the gym remotely as I am not on-site during all the opening hours.

Xplor Gym were always my first choice provider. They have supported me every step of the way, from setting up all the back office, the app, payments, membership plans and monitoring everything in-between. 

The app has been a huge success as it allows my members to sign up, book classes, ask for routines and create their own programs. The app also allows me to manage classes and communicate with my members.

As an independent gym owner, this has freed up considerable time for me to actually be on the gym floor with my members. 

How is Xplor Gym helping you to create a great customer experience?

My members expect a smooth running gym and everything that Xplor Gym provide helps me to support each member and their needs. The ease at which a new member can sign up and access the gym has been great. 

What are the Xplor Gym features that your fitness club can’t live without?

The booking system for the classes, the easy sign up, the payment processes are the main ones. 

How would you describe the Xplor Gym team in a sentence or two?

Fantastic, dedicated, supportive, speedy with their responses, great to get along with.

What are your goals for 2021 and the next few years?

I would like to finish 2021 with 100 members. Once I am at a comfortable level with this gym I plan on opening another one in the city centre. Xplor Gym will of course be my software provider.

Finally, why do you Trust Xplor Gym?

I trust Xplor Gym as everything they have said they will do they have done with speed and integrity. I feel the advice I received was second to none. I would tell my other gym owner pals about Xplor Gym, but I want to keep them all for myself ☺

Article by Xplor Gym

First published: 17 September 2021

Last updated: 06 March 2024