Exceptional member onboarding = Higher retention rates

Nail new gym member onboarding

Want to turn a new member into a loyal one? Your gym member onboarding process is crucial to success. It should make members feel at home with you, heard, and empowered to work towards their goals

This journey should extend beyond the in-person experience to include targeted, timely use of email and text messages at key milestones.
We’ve taken the hard work out of identifying and writing these messages.

This playbook has been developed with gym management experts, including Guy Griffiths an industry leading authority on member retention and founder of GGFit. It’s packed with the tools you need to create (or refresh) your onboarding journey:

  • Find out the ingredients that create a successful journey
  • Know what to send & when
  • Get 20+ ready-to-use email & SMS templates for each point in the journey

What makes a successful new gym member onboarding process?

Success is individual. Onboarding should focus on key points in a member’s journey.

In this Successful New Gym Member Onboarding playbook, we cover the factors that make a successful new member onboarding process including:

  • Helping members establish realistic, achievable goals
  • Segmenting to increase relevancy
  • Consistently asking for regular feedback
  • Educating members on key health and fitness topics
  • Creating an inclusive and social space
  • Offering follow up assessments and programmes

Get all these essential onboarding communications and more

The Successful New Gym Member Onboarding playbook gives you more than 20 email and SMS templates that are ready-to-use, or adapt, for your fitness business.

The templates can be set up in your gym management software. And cover important milestones and times in a member’s journey with you including:

  • Welcoming new members with the info they need to get started
  • Setting and recording goals
  • Encouraging feedback at key points (such as after an induction and 1st workout)
  • Asking for Google & Facebook reviews
  • Promoting your referral programme
  • Showcasing your group fitness offering
  • Offering personal training support

Don’t miss out, get the playbook for all these templates and many more.

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