More gyms are switching to 24/7 access, and that calls for an effective 24-hour gym access system and software to stay in control. Find out more about this trend and see what you need to consider to make 24-hour opening a success.

Opening 24/7 is nothing new for gyms in Australia and New Zealand. A decade ago, 24-hour gyms were the fastest-growing franchises in Australia. This put pressure on smaller businesses to do the same back then and nothing much has changed.

What are the benefits of going 24/7? How do you make sure you have the right 24-hour gym access system to keep your club secure? What common concerns do need to overcome?

Let’s get stuck in!

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Benefits of switching to 24-hour gym access

Pros for gym owners & operators

As an owner or operator, offering 24/7 gym access can bring big benefits:

Better work/life balance

Running a gym is both incredibly rewarding and seriously hard work. A common benefit of going 24/7 (and investing in unmanned access control) for gym owners is the ability to achieve a better work/life balance.

Do you find yourself working long hours in your club? And operating with minimal gym staff, needing to come in at short notice to cover sickness and other absences?

Switching to unmanned, 24-hour gym access can be transformational. Owners can work fewer hours, have greater flexibility, and can spend more time with members.

Increase revenue & competitiveness

The biggest gym chains across ANZ offer members 24/7 access at an affordable price. That’s hundreds of low cost locations offering gymgoers the option of working out at any time of day or night.

So, there’s increasing pressure on gyms of all shapes and sizes, to give members round the clock access.

For some gyms this can be a competitive advantage with no others in the area open 24/7. And for others, this stops members leaving (or never signing up) as they choose to go with one of the clubs nearby offering 24/7 access instead.

Going 24/7 helps you attract members looking for after-hours access. So, you can grow your membership base and retain more existing members.

And, less time is spent manually signing in members as they enter and you reduce the need to always have a staff member present. That means you’ll reduce admin work for you and your team.

Greater security, control, and insights

To become a 24/7, unmanned gym, you need to have the right 24-hour gym access system in place. That often means making an initial hardware and software investment. In return, you’ll enjoy better security, more control, and greater insight into the habits of your members.

You’ll be able to set up your own rules for who can access the facilities within your gym. So, specific areas can be accessed by certain members.

Plus, once a membership ends, or if a member falls into debt, access can be immediately stopped. Likewise, new members can get access as soon as they join.

You’ll have total control and be able to manage access centrally without needing to be on site. And with every member needing to scan in when they visit, you’ll have greater insight into who visits when.

Use this rich visit data to understand occupancy of your club. And identify trends in who uses your gym and when. You can even use this to better target existing and prospective members.

Pros for members

For existing and prospective members, the benefits of your business going 24/7 and unmanned include:

Ultimate convenience

Your members live busy lives and that can make getting to the gym a challenge. Going 24/7 offers members the ultimate convenience to fit their workout into their lifestyle and schedule.

For shift workers and those working unsociable hours, the option to workout at night or in the early hours of the morning is incredibly helpful.

For clubs located in busy areas, those who work evenings at restaurants and bars nearby can pop in after work to train. A great way to winddown after a busy shift!

For those who want to work out around family and caring commitments, the ability to go at any time of the day or night makes it easier to get a workout in. If members can use your gym when they want to, they are more likely to stick with you for longer.

For some members, having access to a 24/7 gym can even provide a sociable ‘night out’ activity. Studies have found that Gen Zers and Millennials are drinking less than older generations did at the same age.

Quieter times

New to working out. Need to avoid busy places. Want to get through their workout without waiting for equipment to become available. Offering 24/7 gym access can make it easier for members like these to choose a quieter time to work out.

Your 24-hour gym software, should let you share occupancy levels with your members, so they can see when you’re typically busiest.

Offering more choice of hours can help some members, such as those who are neurodiverse, to pick a quieter time to work out. Members who are new to working out or less confident, may also appreciate the option of choosing a time when fewer members will be around.

Value for money

Value is the perceived usefulness of a product or service. For some members, value will be measured through your opening hours (as well as through your equipment, staff, facilities, classes etc.).

By giving the option of access at any time of the day and week, you can increase the perceived value of being a member of your fitness club. Even if most members still attend at the same time they always have, the option to work out whenever they want can be very appealing.

Frictionless access

Members want to be able to use their membership with ease. It’s frustrating for members if they need to wait in a queue to check in as they arrive for a work out.

Your 24/7 gym access control system removes this problem. Members won’t need to wait for a staff member to check them in. Instead, they can scan their card or code to get instant access without the need to wait around.

Choosing a 24-hour gym access system

It’s easy to see why gym owners and operators choose to go 24/7. If you are looking to make the switch for your fitness business, you need to have the right 24-hour gym management software in place.

What should you look for in a 24-hour gym access system?

  • responsive, web-based solution that’s always using completely up-to-date member data, with an onsite back up in case of internet outages
  • The ability to manage access in real-time as memberships start, are suspended, and end
  • When a member misses a payment, you should be able to choose whether access is granted. An all-in-one solution with embedded membership payments will make this easy without any delays. It should also be easy for a member to make a catch-up payment online and instantly gain access
  • Access control equipment that integrates with your software to allow you to choose who can visit which areas of your club. And it can stop tailgating (where an unauthorised person enters directly behind an authorised member)
  • Support for dynamic QR codes (where a member generates a QR code via a mobile app each time they visit). This prevents code sharing and avoids fraudulent use. This method of access control also makes it easy for new members (and visitors) to access your gym no matter the time of day they join (or buy a pass)

This type of gym check-in software will allow you to track access. So, you’ll know exactly who is in your club and when. You can identify busy and quiet periods.

Manage your 24/7 gym business effectively

That detailed access and visit information allows you to make smart business decisions. Know which facilities are most in demand. See which part of membership packages are most used. Understand demographic usage trends.

Get the insights you need to optimise operations. Perhaps you need to change staffing levels at certain times? Or a particular area could be closed off overnight to reduce operating costs? Maybe specific facilities are more in demand than others and some areas could be repurposed? Granular access control and the right software should give you access to all this information.

Adjust your gym pricing strategy and membership packages. Could you tweak your offering to encourage access at certain times only? Perhaps there are elements of a package that are never used? Or a specific bolt-on certain members would get value from (allowing you to earn additional revenue)? Access data can help you make these types of decision.

Target the marketing and operational communications you send. With 24/7 gym software that includes integrated marketing capabilities, you’ll be able to create segmented, personalised messages based on specific access trends.

That could mean targeting those who attend during unmanned hours with specific advice or guidance to enhance their training. Or with a specific survey or operational message.

Overcoming common concerns when going 24/7

There are many benefits to switching to offer 24-hour gym access for members and owners alike. Yet, there are also common concerns to overcome.

Falling service levels

One concern is losing the level of service that members have become accustomed to.

With more times when staff levels would be minimal, and less need for staff to monitor access, members might feel service levels drop after the operating change.

However, owners can take advantage of having more time for training and networking, and can involve all staff members. This can improve team morale and build better educated team members, which should all trickle down to result in better interactions and service.

Loss of community

There may be a concern that the community feeling within a gym could be lost when moving to a 24/7 and unmanned model.

Many clubs work hard to maintain community through digital channels like Facebook and Instagram. As well as making sure all new members get an in-person tour.

Encourage team members and passionate long-term members to spread the community vibe.

Owners could time visits during key hours where newer and younger members visit.

Increased energy costs

For some clubs, opening 24/7 will also mean an increase in the amount of electricity used.

Overcome rising costs by turning off lights, equipment and electronics in areas that are not used, particularly overnight. You could also look at adding solar energy to cut costs over the longer term.

Other strategies include using lower cost LED lighting and using windows for cooling rather than air conditioning. Plus, timers could be used to turn fans off after an hour of use.

Security challenges

Some staff or members (especially, but not only, women) could have concerns about being alone in the gym.

To overcome this and reassure members, gyms could install panic buttons, CCTV and 24-hour gym access systems that only allow one member to enter at a time.

Equipment theft and damage is also a concern as gym owners and operators look to become a 24/7 gym. Through effective access control, strategic use of CCTV, and strong communities, this needn’t be any more of an issue after making the switch.

The wrap up…

More gyms and fitness clubs are choosing to move to round the clock, 24/7 opening with unmanned access control. Better work/life balance. Increased revenue and competitiveness. Greater security and access control. There are many benefits to 24/7 gym access for owners and members too.

And with the right 24-hour gym access system, owners and operators find the transition smooth. Granular visit and access data also powers better decision making, operational efficiencies and powerful marketing.

It’s common to have concerns when making a business change like this. Yet, owners are finding these are relatively easy to overcome with the right approach and a little work.

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First published: 07 August 2023

Last updated: 09 February 2024