If you want to capitalise on the seasonal health and fitness kick that engulfs the population in January, the end of the year is the time to prepare for the new year rush.

To do that effectively, you need a membership offer that delivers maximum value. One that stands out from your competitors and captures your prospect’s attention.

That means planning and getting organised with these simple tactics:

Review your existing memberships

Your existing memberships paint a clear picture of member preferences and habits. Use that data to see which tiers were most popular in the last year. Which weren’t? Which were undersold or underused?

By looking at access data, you’ll also see how and when your facilities were used in the last year. This will help you understand the type of memberships your members want.

Upgrade your plans with more tailored options

Price will always be a key factor for prospects. Focus on tailored options so you can offer memberships at more accessible price points, adding or removing features or facilities without impacting your costs or your bottom line. Look at:

  • Limiting facility access – like gym-only or specific classes only
  • Specifying visiting times – with plans that take advantage of quieter days
  • Adding flexibility – with shorter, no contract memberships

Reset your membership tiers and pricing options

Once you’ve set your new membership plans, make sure you update your membership software and payment/pricing options. You’ll want your new pricing and plans to take immediate effect from January 1st.

Gym management software like Xplor Gym ensures it’s quick and simple to add new membership options and change pricing, and lets you specify where those changes should apply.

You’ll need to make sure new membership prices increase for January joiners, but not for existing members.

Streamline your joining process

The last thing you want during the new year rush is long queues at reception, so eliminate any sign-up bottlenecks early.

Make sure it’s quick and easy for prospects to join your gym by streamlining the process and adding more sign-up options:

  • Online
  • In-app
  • Self-service kiosks

Prepare your marketing

With your processes and membership plans all organised, the next step is to get your marketing tactics in order ready for January.

Identify the key features about each of your memberships, focusing on any new facilities or changes that your prospects will want to know about.

Then map out any promotions or special offers you might want to run in the new year, so all your team is aware well in advance. Set dates or parameters now (like no joining fee from January 20th if sign up target is not reached), so you’re not scrambling in January.

And don’t forget to include your staff in your plans, making sure they’re fully trained to promote your gym.

Get the word out there

The final steps of your new membership offer are all about promoting it. Build on your preparations by creating key messaging and advertising that shouts about each of the key benefits you’ve identified.

Use those key points to set up automated marketing campaigns with your gym management software and send out emails and texts to all prospects in the new year without a second thought.

Get your social posts all set up in advance too, so you can just flick the switch on all your organic and paid media right after Christmas.

Plan now, succeed in January

With the right planning and preparation, upgrading your membership offer for the new year is simple and effective.

With the right software to help – software like Xplor Gym – you can quickly offer new plans to stand out from your competitors. And you can easily monitor sign ups, to make any changes to prices and plans if you need to.

Get ahead next year, and beyond, with the 7 Step Guide To A Successful Gym Business. Download your free copy now.

Article by Xplor Gym

First published: 30 November 2022

Last updated: 19 February 2024