There are always changes to make at your gym to create a better experience for your members. New machines to install, new equipment to bring into your studios, new workout areas to create. 

But, have you thought about the space in your gym that you can use to support your members and increase your revenue. That includes those spare rooms. Those offices that are no longer needed, or those far-too-large storerooms.

Whatever the size of your spare, under- or unused rooms, there are always opportunities to turn those areas into something different. Into something that could generate revenue for your gym. 

Here are a few simple options to consider:

1) Create A Large Stock Room

It might not be the most creative use of your spare room, but it’s one that could help you boost revenue directly from your members. 

If you have the space to store a good amount of stock, you can expand your gym’s offering. You could:

  • Increase the types of food and drink you sell on site 
  • Supply health food and nutritional supplements that members can take home
  • Provide essential workout equipment (the kind that new members often need) like towels, gloves, mats and skipping ropes

When you have a large storage space, you can buy in bulk to reduce your supply costs. You could even branch out into selling stock online, through your website or app.

2) Rent Out For An Additional Revenue Stream

If your spare rooms can be accessed without going through your gym, another simple option to increase your revenue is to rent them out. There are lots of professionals always looking for rooms to rent, and the guaranteed footfall your gym brings is a strong incentive. 

The right profession in your spare room could also be an added bonus for your members. You could rent it out to: 

  • Hairdressers or barbers 
  • Beauty therapists 
  • Alternative or holistic therapists
  • Sports massage and injury rehabilitation therapists 

3) Turn The Space Into A Community Area 

One of the latest trends in the health and fitness sector is a recognition of the importance of community areas, where members can socialise and chill out before or after using the gym. 

Your spare room could make the perfect community area, a snug little place for your members to chat, for personal trainers to meet clients, and for your team to take prospects after a tour of the club to help them sign up. 

4) Introduce A Dedicated Warm-Up And Cool-Down Area 

We all know the importance of warming up before exercise and cooling down afterwards, but many of us often forget. We just head straight onto the gym floor to our first workout station. 

Turning your spare room into a dedicated stretching area can help you improve the health and wellbeing of your members. It’s also a great additional selling point for prospects when you’re showing them around your gym.

5) Convert The Space Into A Calming Meditation room 

Meditation and breathing classes are other trends rising in popularity, and if you have a dedicated space that can host these types of sessions, your gym is sure to benefit. 

They require very little investment, and could be a great way to offer additional value to your members. If the space is large enough, you could charge for breathing classes that are open to non-members and build an additional revenue source.

Even small rooms could be converted into private areas to practice breathing exercises. 

6) Open A Training Room For Online Workouts 

The huge rise in online fitness classes and virtual workouts has seen many members trying new exercise routines from home. But more often than not, we lack the space we need at home. 

There are sofas and tables in the way, pets running around, rugs in the way and TV stands to avoid. 

But if you’ve got a spare room in your gym that you can empty completely, it could be the perfect place for your members to workout to their favourite online classes. All you need is a screen and an internet connection. 

If your members can access all your facilities and have a place where they can continue their online workouts – with the space they actually need – then they’re far more likely to renew their membership. 

However you decide to use your spare room, there are plenty of opportunities to increase the revenue for your gym.

Article by Xplor Gym

First published: 22 November 2021

Last updated: 09 February 2024